Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pattern of the Month for January

These Finger puppets are so easy to make. Once the body is done you can personalize them however you want!
-small amount of thick yarn or two strands of medium weight yarn. 
-any knifty knitter with at least 6-8 pegs (blue knifty knitter was used in samples)
-buttons, felt etc. to personalize
-Loom hook
-Tapestry needle.(like the blue plastic one that came with the kk set)

Pattern: Cast on 6-8 pegs depending on the size of your hands, or the recipients hands.
Knit (e wrap) for approximately 10-12 rows again, this depends on how large the hands using them will be. Cast off like you would a hat leaving a 8 inch tail and sew along the open edge to make it into a tubular shape.
now you can personalize it however you like!!
If you have any questions leave them in the comments and i will try to respond!

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