Saturday, February 7, 2009

February's POTM

Hello here is februarys pattern of the month
It is A drawstring bag that is both pretty and practical
The pattern is also quite versatile so it can fit your needs
Drawstring Bag
Green KK
Purple pick
Tapestry needle 
about 50-100 grams of yarn ( it depends on how long you make it)
Red heart super saver was used in sample
3-4 feet of yarn in contrasting color
Cast on 18 pegs and knit in the garter stitch till knitting measures 7 inches
fold it over like you do the brim of a hat and cut yarn leaving a 8 inch tail
Repeat with the other 18 pegs on the loom
Now cast on all 36 pegs and knit in the knit stitch till your bag is the desired length
Now when you take it off the loom, instead of taking it off like you would a hat, sew it closed so it is a straight line. (put the needle through 2 loops turn in a S shape and put the needle through another 2 and so on, If this sounds confusing please tell me in a comment)
Now for the drawstring part, cut your ribbon into two equal strands. Take one strand and weave it through one end so it comes through the other end on the same side like a sideways U. Do the same thing on the opposite side with the other strand of yarn.

Please, if you find this confusing tell me. I am not the best pattern writer and would love some feedback.

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